Exceptionally effective foreign language learning: Board and card games that educate and entertain

Discover our range of language games that not only inspire foreign language learning but also provide fun and build relationships.


In our games, we:

Focus on communication skills

Strengthen motivation to learn

Develop 21st-century skills: creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration

Our goal is to promote language games as an effective and engaging way to learn. We believe that learning languages through play is the best way to quickly and effectively master a new language.

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Confucius said

“Tell me, and I will forget.
Show me, and I will remember.
Let me do, and I will understand.”

This quote from Confucius perfectly reflects the philosophy of REGIPIO, where we strive to make teaching more than just the theoretical transmission of knowledge.

We want to engage young people in the learning process, allowing them to explore the world and gain knowledge through experience.

We teach through games in 20 European countries.
We have been in the market for 12 years.

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