Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

REGIPIO is a publisher of educational ESL games for English language learners. We approach language teaching in an unconventional way. Our ESL games are based on learning through play which greatly facilitates the memorization and understanding of English. Games are designed for both children and adults.

REGIPIO ESL board and card games have  been developed by teachers with passion, sound methodology, and practical experience.  Our games develop English vocabulary, grammar skills, and speaking skills.

The main idea of REGIPIO educational games is to stimulate language acquisition and retention and to facilitate learning in a natural and fun manner.Teachers agree that their students become high achievers because of them. Our games not only make your lessons exciting, but also make your students happy! REGIPIO games are good FUN, MEANINGFUL, and EFFECTIVE.



Your lessons are OK, but…
– you feel the need for variety,
– you would like to make your lessons more attractive and effective,
– you need to enroll more students.

REGIPIO understands your situation.

"Time Machine" -  ESL teachers and English learners will be happy with "Time Machine" which teaches  English tenses. The perplexing aspect of distinguishing between tenses and using the appropriate one in a given context becomes clearer with every round played. Associations are made, based on keywords that make it easy for students to chose the correct verb tense.

"Irregular Verbs Puzzle" - Learning English irregular verb forms can be another tiring memorization exercise. But there is a method for remembering  the maddening number of apparently various verb forms! By arranging an irregular verb puzzle students will discover the patterns for themselves and remember them better. Additionally, colored puzzle pieces help to identify and memorize each group of verbs.

They can be more than just a puzzle. The verbs can be used to create sentences and compare the form and usage of the Present Simple, Past Simple and the Present Perfect tenses.

What’s more, the verbs themselves can easily be combined with several educational games which may be though up by the unlimited creativity of teachers. Alongside grammar games, we offer solutions for speaking practice.

Do you happen to be lost for words? Never again! With “Charades in English! Beat About the Bush” you will develop fluency and confidence in spoken English. This game offers you a choice between easier and more difficult variants and can be used at all language levels .

Schools and teachers can receive a discount on this game. Just register or contact our office via e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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