Ask! Don't stray!

Level: A1-B2

Age: 4+

Number of players: 2+

Contents: 60 cards with characters and activities, 20 cards with the categories in which we ask questions, 10 large cards, instructions

Asking questions is a weak point of many foreign language learners ... the ASK game will teach you how to break this barrier, because ... to get an answer you have to ASK!Questions are one of the basic forms of communication. The more you practice, the easier it is for you to spontaneously produce questions at the right time. Do not hesitate, practice with us! 

ASK! DON'T STRAY perfectly suits the need to practice the ability to ask quick questions and respond quickly in various situations and in various ways.  

Parents! Do not miss this unique family game in which your child and YOU can practice communicating in English together. 

The players' task is to complete a set of characters from the same professional group. Cards are gained during the game by asking proper questions. Younger players may ask questions about appearance, age or nationality. The higher level students can  cask about daily activities,  events and stories from the past or future plans.

The Sherlock Foreign Language Center in Kobyłka 

"The Sherlock Foreign Language Center is not only a school, but also a dream that has been carefully nurtured for many years. It is a dream that has finally been given wings to act and that intends to meet the demands of future generations, keeping up with the times. We know that nothing stays in the same place, technology, life, everything around us is changing at dizzying speed, and so is  language. That is why our task is to transfer knowledge in such a way that the classes give joy, satisfaction and visible effects. Bet on games from the REGIPIO company and without a doubt it was a bull's eye! It was the first time we saw with what passion children played grammar games and how complicated rules become something obvious and easy for them to use, such game titles as: "Let's eat in English", "Beat About the Bush" and "Ask! Don't Stray! "allow our students to use the English language freely and to talk freely, which from our point of view is extremely important in learning a foreign language. In conclusion, we would like to thank REGIPIO for attractive and useful language games  and we would like to greet all of you from the Sherlock Foreign languages Centre."

See the game "Ask! Don't Stray!"


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