Level: A2

Age: 10+

Number of players: 2-6

CONTENTS: 40 question strips for practicing instant affirmatives and negative answers, 48 short answer circles for learning how to ask questions, instructions

Are questions a significant part of a conversation? The most significant! Without questions, there would be no conversation, only a monologue. Therefore, asking questions should be one of the most important skills in learning English. We’ve got it for you! Not in the form of a lesson, but joy, where you will perfect this skill by fighting for points. In the box, you will find two games: The first is to ask your opponent’s questions one after the other to catch your opponent with the wrong answer. Whoever has the fewest mistakes wins. Remember, it must be you. The second game is about asking questions to the given answers. In the second game, do everything to eliminate the opponent. This time you have to get rid of the circles as soon as possible. Good advice. Once your questions and answers are perfect, mix up the strips with the contents of the Baffle Me TO BE IN THE PAST box. Your opponent won't stand a chance of beating you.


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