Level" A2/B1

Age: 10+

Number of players: 2-6

CONTENTS: 40 question strips for practicing instant affirmatives and negative answers, 48 short answer circles for learning how to ask questions, instructions

Why is it so hard to speak English effortlessly? Because we rarely have the opportunity to expose ourselves to natural conversations in this language. A lesson based on answering predictable questions in English won't bring you satisfactory fluency. Here is the Baffle Me game. It trains you to be alert, to listen carefully, and to respond quickly, this time using Present Simple. In the box of the Baffle Me language game, you will find two games: one for asking questions, and the other for practicing quick answers. Want to face the challenge? The questions seem to be easy, you just need to react quickly using the right pronouns: Answers: "Yes, they do." "Well, she doesn't.", "Yes, we do." "Well, he doesn't." are worth perfecting.


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