Level: A2

Age: 10+

Number of players: 1-20

Contents:20 pieces of 30cmx30cm squares with phrases matching one of the basic verbs
4 pieces of 30cmx30cm squares with special tasks ( e.g. TURN AROUND, ) set of cards, instructions

When young learners discover the basic verbs: TO BE, HAVE GOT and CAN, one by one, it is usually not a problem for them. However, when they have to automatically and interchangeably use these verbs, they have trouble deciding what to say: Have you got fly? Can you fly or Are you fly? There is a great way to work it through! Basic Verbs is designed for young learners to practice the verbs TO BE, HAVE GOT and CAN effortlessly in positive, negative and question sentences.

The handy squares can be used both indoors and outdoors. Students fight to win the race by jumping, having fun and developing their English speaking skills!


The outdoor board BASIC VERBS includes simple games and activities for the youngest (level A1 / A2) learners enabling them to learn and consolidate the use of BE / CAN / HAVE verbs in positive sentences, negatives and questions.In the set you will find:

  • 20 squares measuring 30x30cm with words and expressions that everybody can naturally connect with the BE / CAN / HAVE verbs
  • 4 squares 30x30cm with special tasks (e.g. turn around 2 times)
  • a set of cards with pronouns or people
  • instructions with some game and activity proposals
  • handy box for storing the set

Learning and having fun on an outdoor board:

  • develops creativity,
  • helps to master the skills of speaking English,
  • teaches cooperation,
  • supports perceptual-motor integration (proper interaction and development of visual, auditory-linguistic and motor functions)

Designed for school children and early childhood education.See how we play on the BASIC VERBS board:

See the video

ATTENTION! The waiting time for the shipment of the paid order is approx. 7-10 days.

See the game

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