Beat about the bush

Level: A2-B1

Age: 7+

Number of players: 2-10

Items: 200 cards, 100 tokens, instructions

A great game for those who want to learn new English words while having fun. What is the game for? First of all, it is supposed to make you laugh and relax and at the same time motivate you to speak and listen to English.Describe words in such a way that the opponent can guess their secret name. Be careful! Forbidden words will make it seriously difficult for you! You just need to know how to say it, without saying it - IN ENGLISH! Each card is divided into two difficulty levels. Get ready to have fun! CONTENT: 200 cards with words at elementary and intermediate level, 1 and 2 point tokens.

 Beat About the Bush - Develop English learners’ speaking skills and expand their vocabulary with this hilarious ESL game for everybody. ESL students take turns describing an object in such a way that a partner can guess the answer.  Be careful! Forbidden key words are not allowed. This game will challenge students to use unique vocabulary to reach their goal! You must simply know how to say it, without saying it – in ENGLISH! Items: 200 cards, 100 tokens, instructions

High Five - Karolina Jankowska

"I haven't had time to try all the games yet but Beat About the Bush is an absolute hit for me! I used to play Taboo in class, printed and cut out,  here the graphics are great, and so is its quality! Tokens additionally diversify the game .

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