Beat about the bush in business

Level: B1-C1

Age: 16+

Number of players: 2-10

Items: 200 cards, 100 tokens, instructions.

Business vocabulary will not bother you when used in context. Instead of memorizing individual words, use them in sentences and make it easier for you to associate the words and use them freely in the future.

The BAB in Business game gives you this chance, and even more, it motivates you to describe phenomena, processes or people in such a way that others can guess what you are talking about. Without it, you are not guaranteed to win.

A huge range of business vocabulary - as many as 1600 terms on 200 cards in the following areas: HR, marketing, sales, people management, advertising, travel, stress at work, integration, conflicts, planning, products, and many others.  You will find formal, informal and idiomatic concepts and phrases here.

The undoubted advantage of the game is the involvement of players in scoring points, which is based on describing a word in such a way that team partners know what it is about. The game evokes a lot of emotions and laughter, and combined with the development of communication skills in business definitely places it in the best language games category.

Watch out ! It is very competitive. 

Read the opinion of Dr hab. Jarosław Krajka from the Maria Sklodowska-Curie University in Lublin:

"The main advantage of the game is a very wide range of vocabulary used on the cards as main and auxiliary words. It should be emphasized that there is a huge variety of words, both belonging to general and specialized lexis, formal and colloquial, more or less idiomatic, for which the common denominator is it is closely related to the labor market, economy and business. Thanks to this, despite the relatively simple rules of playing, the presented didactic means is sufficiently demanding towards the student and duly helps to develop their specialist lexis.

The manner of execution, durability and simplicity at the same time enable flexible use of the game in various contexts, in various ways, in various places, both in the form of informal and formal education. A creative English teacher for Business Purposes will certainly find a lot of interesting ways to use the game cards in the different phases of the lesson. "

How to play BAB in Business?The cards are divided into two difficulty levels:  white - elementary level and dark blue – intermediate level. By drawing one of the cards, the player describes the main word in such a way so that the other players can guess it within 2 minutes. There are three prohibited words that the player cannot use during their speech. Do not worry if you just beginning to learn Business English. Try to use all the helping words and develop your communication skills by building sentences and practising new vocabulary in context.


The game "Beat About the Bush in Business" allows you to polish your business vocabulary, choose the right words and develop communication skills, while having fun and competing with other participants. An additional advantage is the division into two difficulty levels, which makes it possible to use the game during classes at different skill levels. "

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