Praktyczne frazy po angielsku w grze HOMENGLISH Bathroom

Level: B1-B2

Age: 10+

Number of players: 2-10

Contents: 100 speaking cards, 4 joker cards, instructions

HOMENGLISH LET'S CHAT IN THE BATHROOM will surprise you with how exciting, irritating, but always necessary conversations in the bathroom can be. Who will do the laundry? Why is the tap leaking, or how to make a relaxing bath? These and many other topics provoke conversations and require us to react.

On the cards, you will find 100 topics for discussion and as many as 500 reactions and ready-made phrases that players choose for conversations. Each time the conversation is different, unpredictable and unique. Interlocutors decide whether they want to respond kindly, indifferently or maliciously. Joker cards will help you get rid of your cards faster and win the round. However, it would help if you chose your phrases logically to fit the context. Otherwise, you'll miss your chance.

Example conversation topics:

Aren’t you too young to wear a make up? ““How do I make my bathroom smell great?.” „There is a leak in my ceiling!” “Gosh, my skin looks awful!”  „Your towel is on the floor again!.” and 96 more...

Example Responses:

„Excuse my language!.” “Just do something!” „You aren’t a five-blade shaving master.”                   „And don’t forget to flush!” „Isn’t your turn to do the washing?and 495 more.


"There are plenty of reasons why I love HomEnglish. The most important advantage of the series is that the participants of each game absorb a vast amount of natural expressions without feeling at all that they are learning. This practice is beneficial as students usually avoid participating in a conversation because they don't know enough words to express their thoughts or feel too shy to speak in English. The HomEnglish game aims to create an opportunity to practice conversations about everyday topics we are familiar with and learn to give spontaneous answers. Students start by reading the phrases on the cards and will soon be able to use them in conversations without difficulty. As we know - repetition is the mother of knowledge and skill."


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