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Speaking games

The games enhance speaking performance by creating real situations and context. When you have to react, respond and express you feelings, words come out of you in a natural way.

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Traditional methods of memorizing vocabulary and swotting them up do not work any more. Memory games stimulate and boost your memory power and make you learn unconsciously and more effectively.

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If you know grammar, you may express you what you really want, however learning grammar with REGIPIO games is fun and easy. Grammar is not boring any more!

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Age: 10+

Number of players: 1-10

We are aware of the fact how irritating it is to know enough words to communicate efficiently and at the same time not to be able to do so because of a lack of fluency.
The game “HomEnglish – Let’s chat” does not only provide us with plenty of useful, practical words used every day but also offers an enjoyable way to practise them.

Contents: 100 speaking cards, 4 joker cards, instructions

 Pre-intermediate learners do not feel confident while speaking English. They are afraid of expressing themselves as they do not have time to practise useful phrases often enough to get fluent.

The best way to acquire a new language is to use it in everyday life. When we speak about what surrounds us, what we do every day, what worries or irritates us... In a nut shell, what triggers off our emotions. Then we remember best.

The game HomEnglish is for students and friends of any age who love communicative learning, using the words they learn in a great atmosphere.

Each player has five cards in hands and looks through all the responses they may employ in their conversations.

When the topic is brought up:

“I’d like to be a cheerleader!”

Each player needs to find a  suitable reaction to these question, but only one person may say it at a time:

They may respond kindly:

“What an original hobby!”

“We can do it together!”

or  quite rudely:

“Are you out of your mind?”

“Are you crazy?”

The players choose the responses but we promise, you will not get bored! 



Game series "HomEnglish Lower level students" consits of 3 games

HomEnglish Let's chat about Holiday

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HomEnglish Let's chat about school

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HomEnglish Let's chat about sport & free time

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