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Speaking games

The language learning games enhance speaking performance by creating real situations and context. When you have to react, respond and express your feelings, you are able to communicate in a much more natural way.

Speaking games

language games

Memory games

Traditional methods of memorizing vocabulary and swotting them up do not work anymore. Memory games stimulate and boost your memory power and make you learn unconsciously and more effectively.

Memory ESL learning games

Memory ESL
learning games

Grammar games

If you know grammar, you may express you what you really want, however learning grammar with REGIPIO games is fun and easy. Grammar is not boring anymore!

Grammar language learning games

Grammar language
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Age: 10+

Number of players: 2-10

Reaching native-like fluency in a foreign language may seem an unachievable dream. But with the HomEnglish series, you may easily express what you mean in a natural way and spontaneously respond to your interlocutor.

Contents: 100 speaking cards, 4 joker cards, instructions


Speaking the second language during classes does not cause a big problem, we know our teachers, feel relaxed and safe.

It is not so easy any more when we have to speak the second language in a spontaneous situation, with friends, schoolmates or colleagues.

We do not remember most words (even if we know them) so we keep silent as we do not want to be perceived as ‘students of English’ or sound unnatural.


This fantastic series of games – “HomEnglish” – gives you an excellent opportunity to practise fluency in employing common and natural phrases that most people use in their daily conversations.

“You’re dripping water everywhere!”

                        “Yes, we all need a bit of pampering from time to time.”

“If you buy a cheap one, what do you expect?”

                        “Pick it up and put it in the laundry basket.”

“Mind your own business!”

“Come on, dude!”

Does it not sound familiar ? 

So… get together with your friends, take a glass of juice, turn on some good music and have a lively conversation that may turn into a heated discussion!

In the beginning, you will READ slang phrases, but soon afterwards, you will speak them up all with no hesitation and on the spur of the moment in your real discussions.



Game series "HomEnglish higher level students" consits of 3 games

HomEnglish Let's chat in the bathroom

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HomEnglish Let's chat in the kitchenl

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HomEnglish Let's chat in the living room I

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