Welcome to some useful revision ideas one can play with an online REGIPIO dice. Let us introduce you to fun language learning games to revise grammar, vocabulary and improve communication skills substantively. They are suitable for both smaller and larger groups.




THE LANGUAGE OBJECTIVES:  to practice making affirmative and negative sentences with the verb ‘can’ while talking about animals’ abilities.

WHAT DO YOU NEED: two dice, topic stripes, List of abilities

Print and cut out the downloadable content. If possible, laminate it for longer use.

You can download some useful handouts in a pdf file below:


Rules of the game

1. Before playing the game, print, cut out the Cards and prepare dice.
2. Put the Animal Cards on the table face down.
3. Divide the players into two teams.
4. Each team chooses its own leader, whose task will be counting points scored by the team. 

5. Leaders roll the dice, the team with the highest number starts the game.
6. The first player draws one Animal Card and shows it to the others.
7. Then he/she rolls the die. The number on the die determines the animal’s ability that he/she makes a sentence with, e.g. if the player from the first team drew a lion and a number 6 – sing he/she makes a sentence – A lion can’t sing. Each team has its own set of abilities (look below). 

8. If the sentence is correct, the player gets as many points as the number rolled.
9. Then the player from the second team draws the Animal Card, shows it to the others, rolls the die and makes a proper sentence.
10. The game goes on the same way round until all the Animal Cards are used.
11. The team with the highest number of points wins.
NOTE! If you want to spice the game up, after drawing the Animal Card, don’t look at it. First, build a sentence with the ability that the die shows. Then, turn the Card over. If you were right, the drawn animal can do what you said, you will get an extra point.


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