Welcome to some useful revision ideas one can play with an online REGIPIO dice. Let us introduce you to fun games to revise grammar, vocabulary and improve communication skills substantively. They are suitable for both smaller and larger groups.

Let’s start with chapter three: "FAMILY"

You can download some useful handouts in a pdf file below:



Print and cut out downloadable content. If possible, laminate it for longer use.



The game is based on the idea of a popular game show called Family Feud.

Divide the group into two teams.

Hand out ID cards (COLOUR and NO.). During the game the player is indicated by number and colour on the virtual die. The leader of the game or the teacher takes the Points Card which will be used to score points.

Shuffle the question cards and put them on the table face down. The leader of the game rolls the virtual die: (click the button )

The player indicated by the dice (the respective colour and the number on the dice) draws one question card from the pile and reads out the number of the card , makes a question from the words given and reads it out to all students.

The player’s team decide on three most popular answers and reveal them. Then, the opposing contestants have a chance to score a point and give their answers. The answers cannot be the same.

The leader of the game checks the answers on the Points Card and the teams score points.

The person who has already read the question rolls the virtual dice.

The team with the highest number of points wins the game.

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