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Welcome to some useful revision ideas one can play with an online REGIPIO dice. Let us introduce you to fun games to revise grammar, vocabulary and improve communication skills substantively. They are suitable for both smaller and larger groups.

Let’s start with chapter two: "HOUSE"

You can download some useful handouts in a pdf file below:


Print and cut out downloadable content. If possible, laminate it for longer use.


Hand out ID cards (COLOUR and NO.). During the game players draw them with use of the virtual dice.

Shuffle the adjective cards and deal them among the players. The card pile contains both adjectives that are used for describing houses, rooms or furniture and adjectives which cannot be used in this situation (e.g. refreshing). All players should be given the same number of cards.

Larger cards with names of buildings, rooms and furniture on them shall be placed on the table or in a box nearby.

Roll the virtual dice (click the button )

The player indicated by the dice (the respective colour and the number on the dice) draws a noun from the pile and reads it aloud, e.g. COTTAGE. One by one the other players read adjectives they believe match the description of the noun, e.g. expensive, spacious, etc. Players can also add their own adjectives as long as they are not repeated.

If a player uses an adjective that doesn’t match a given noun, e.g. silky for that player the game is over. The round lasts until every participant has run out of ideas. The last person to give the correct adjective receives 1 point.

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