Welcome to some useful revision ideas one can play with an online REGIPIO dice. Let us introduce you to fun games to revise grammar, vocabulary and improve communication skills substantively. They are suitable for both smaller and larger groups.

Let’s start with chapter three: "SCHOOL"

You can download some useful handouts in a pdf file below:



Print and cut out downloadable content. If possible, laminate it for longer use.



Participants count to 6. Pupils with the same number sit together in 6 groups.

Roll the virtual dice (click the button ). The number on the die is the number of the team. The colour on the die indicates the grammatical tense to be used in this round.

  • orange – Present Simple
  • red – Present Continuous
  • blue – Past Simple
  • green – Past Continuous
  • yellow – Present Perfect
  • purple – Future Simple

A team member picks a card and makes a question using the indicated grammatical tense.


Number 4 in orange is rolled. A player from group 4 makes a question in Present Simple with the use of the phrase on the card.

The questions are directed at any team. For every correct question the team receives 2 points; for every correct answer the team receives 1 point. Make sure all team members participate in the game. Once the question is made and the answer is received we roll the dice again.

The game ends when all phrase cards have been used. The winning team is the team with the highest score.

The teams may continue playing until one of them receives the pre-established number of points (e.g.10 points).

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