memorace animals

Level: A1-A2

Age: 10+

NUmber of players: 1-10

CONTENTS: 72 cards, instructions with a list of words and Polish translation and suggestions for additional games.

MemoRace ANIMALS is a memory game that helps players memorize the names of animals in a simple and fun way. Attractive photos allow you to quickly associate an English word with its photo. Thick, cardboard boxes work perfectly with children's hands, and the phonetic notation placed in the photos makes it easier to learn the correct pronunciation.In the MemoRace ANIMALS box you will find 36 English words: 

ant, bear, butterfly, camel, chameleon, crocodile, dolphin, eagle, elephant, fish, fox, giraffe, hamster, hare, hippopotamus, kangaroo, leopard, lion, lizard, monkey, ostrich, parrot, penguin, pigeon, seal, shark, snake, sparrow, stork, swan, tiger, tortoise, toucan, wasp, wild duck, wolf.


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The rules of the game are exclusively on the REGIPIO website:

The aim of the game: to master the use of the verbs CAN, FLY, WALK, SING, ... and others.

  1. Put the cards from the MemoRace Animals game on the table face down.
  2. Each participant of the game draws five cards and places them in front of them.
  3. Each player takes turns to play the role of a circus announcer. He/she describes one of the animals and the activity it does, for example: “It is the crocodile John. He can walk the rope and count to twenty. "
  4. When all the animals have been announced, players choose a circus master - an animal with the strangest abilities.

The combination of visual perception and speech gives a spectacular effect of memorizing  English words - all while having fun!

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"It works great both in introducing new vocabulary or expanding the amount of words on a given topic, as well as in the revision of the material. The" Memo "game itself is  liked by children very much, it provides a lot of emotions and is a great form of learning through play, especially among primary school students.  However, also students of middle school can use cards for the traditional game of "Memory", for example, to play Kalambury. For each group, depending on the level of advancement or age, you can choose a range of vocabulary with an appropriate level of difficulty - and not necessarily all the words that occur are used  in the game."



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