memorace clothes

Level: A1

Age: 4+

Number of players: 2-6

CONTENTS: 72 cards, instructions with a list of words and Polish translation and suggestions for additional games.

MemoRace CLOTHES is a memory game to help players memorize the names of words describing clothes and accessories in a simple and fun way. Attractive graphics will allow you to quickly associate an English word with its photo. Thick, cardboard boxes work perfectly even with inexperienced, children's hands, and the phonetic notation placed on the graphics makes it easier to learn the correct pronunciation. Have fun and learn in English!


In the CLOTHES package you will find 36 English words:belt, boots, bracelet, cap, cardigan, coat, dress, earrings, flat shoes, flip-flops, gloves, hairband, hat, high heels, jacket, jeans, necklace, pajamas, sandals, scarf, shirt, shorts, skirt, slippers, socks, suit, sweater, sweatshirt, swimsuit, T-shirt, tie, tights, trainers, trousers, underwear, waistcoat.


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The rules of the game are exclusively on the REGIPIO website:

The goal of the game is to master the use of Present Simple in a sentence.

1. Place the cards from the MemoRace Clothes game face down on the table.

2. Each participant of the game draws three cards and places them face up in front of him/her.

3. The players' task is to describe a person or a situation in which putting on a randomly selected clothes or jewelry will cause a hilarious effect and amuse the other players, e.g: A policeman in pajamas catches a criminal.  One or more randomly drawn pictures can be used in the statement.

4. The funniest description wins.

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