memorace house

Level: A1-A2

Age: 4+

Number of players: 1-3

CONTENTS: 72 cards, instructions with a list of words and Polish translation and suggestions for additional games.

In the HOUSE package you will find 36 English words:
armchair, bath, bed, bedside table, carpet, chair, chandelier, chest of drawers, clock, cup, curtains, cushion, door, doormat, fireplace, flowerpot, fridge, kettle, lamp, mirror, mug, picture, poster, rubbish bin, rug, shelf, shower, sink, sofa, stairs, table, toilet, vase, wardrobe, window.    THERE ARE ONLY 35 WORDS HERE  !!!! 

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The Interior Decorator Game

Purpose of the game: to consolidate words and phrases describing positioning, such as: on the right, in the middle, between, next to, etc.

To carry out the game, we need a sheet of paper on which we draw a plan of the room (outline with windows and doors marked).

1. Put the cards from the MEMORY GAME House game face down on the table.

2. Each player draws five cards and places them on the previously prepared room plan.

3. The players take turns and describe the room they have furnished. Fun projects are welcome. e.g .: between a bookcase and an armchair there is a toilet.

4. The person who uses the most words to describe the location in their speech wins the game.The combination of visual perception and speech gives a spectacular effect of memorizing English words - all while having fun!

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