memorace jobs

Level: A1

Age: 4+

Number of players: 2-6

CONTENTS: 72 cards, instructions with a list of words and Polish translation and suggestions for additional games.

MemoRace JOBS is a memory game to help memorize words describing popular professions in a simple and fun way. Attractive photos will allow you to quickly associate an English word with its photo. Thick, cardboard boxes work perfectly even with inexperienced, children's hands, and the phonetic notation placed on the graphics makes it easier to learn the correct pronunciation. Have fun and learn in English!


There are 36 English words in the JOBS box:

accountant, actor, architect, baker, beautician, businessman, cashier, chemist, construction worker, cook, driver, electrician, engineer, fashion designer, firefighter, flight attendant, forester, gardener, insurance agent, IT specialist, journalist, judge, lawyer , musician, nurse, pilot, plumber, policeman, postman, shop assistant, soldier, surgeon, teacher, vet, waiter, writer.


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The rules of the game are exclusively on the REGIPIO website:

The aim of the game is to learn and consolidate adjectives that define character traits (e.g. brave, smart, friendly, responsible) and the phrase Can I have….?

You will also need sheets of paper (as many sheets as there are players).

1. Write an adjective at the top of the sheet (each player should have a different word on the sheet). Then below they draw five square frames in which we will be able to put the cards with pictures.

2. Place the cards from the game in the middle of the table with the picture facing down.

3. The first player draws a card with a picture. If we have the adjective "brave" on the piece of paper and we randomly select the appropriate profession (e.g: a policeman or a fireman), we can put the card in one of our frames. In addition, we can talk about what our character is, for example: "The policeman is brave."

4. If the drawn profession does not match our adjective (eg accountant), put the card next to our card so that the other players can see it. It will be useful in the next round. Of course, we also say "An accountant is not brave".

5. In the second round, we have two possibilities of movement. Either we draw a new card as before or we pick a card from the pool put aside by other players. If we want to use the already drawn cards, we must ask for them, for example:
- Can I have a Policeman, please?
The player we asked gives us the unused card.
- Here you are.

6. The winner is the person who completes all frames first.

ATTENTION! Cards with professions placed on a piece of paper cannot be repeated. If we draw a job again, even if it matches our adjective, we cannot put it in the frame and put it aside.

The combination of visual perception and speech gives a spectacular effect of memorizing and consolidating English words - all while having fun!

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