memorace supermarket

Level: A1

Age: 4+

Number of players: 2-6

CONTENTS: 72 cards, instructions with a list of words and Polish translation and suggestions for additional games.

MemoRace SUPERMARKET is a memory game that helps you learn words that you may need while shopping in a simple and fun way. Attractive photos will allow you to quickly associate an English word with its photo. Thick, cardboard boxes work perfectly even with inexperienced, children's hands, and the phonetic notation placed on the graphics makes it easier to learn the correct pronunciation. Have fun and learn in English!

In the SUPERMARKET package you will find 36 English words:
aisle, baby products, baked goods, bar code, basket, beauty care products, canned food, card machine, cash, change, checkout, convenience food, coupon, customer, credit card, dairy products, discount, drinks, electronics, fish & seafood, fresh meat counter, frozen food, fruit & vegetables, garden products, household products, pet food, price, receipt, security, security camera, self-service shop, shelf, shopping bag, shopping list, trolley, queue,
CONTENTS: 72 cards, instructions with a list of words and Polish translation and suggestions for additional games.
Level: A1
Age: 4+
Number of players: 2-6
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The rules of the game are exclusively on the REGIPIO website:
The game is intended for a minimum of 3 players, but the larger the group, the better.
We deal all the cards among the players. The quantity does not have to be equal. It won't matter much later in the game.
1. All players sit cross-legged face to face - preferably in a circle.
2. Then they check their cards and if they find any pairs,they put them aside.
3. The teacher or leader selected from the group approaches each player in turn and asks:
Teacher: How many pairs have you got?
Player: I have three pairs.
Teacher: Tell me about them.
4. The task of each player is to give all the names of the pairs he has and / or to define one of the chosen words. Paired cards go into the box.
5. After collecting the paired cards from all players, we can proceed to the second stage of the game.
6. The players are still sitting in the circle facing each other. The game begins with the person who answered the questions first in the previous round. He sits down in the middle, chooses any card and asks a question to the whole group:
Player: Who has the ………. (Image name)?
7. The person who has the picture you are looking for raises his hand.
8. The players put the paired pictures back in the box and switch places. Repeat the actions until all pictures are exhausted.
The combination of visual perception and speech gives a spectacular effect of memorizing and consolidating English words - all while having fun!



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