Level: A1

Age: 4+

Number of players: 2-6

CONTENTS: 72 cards, instructions with a list of words and Polish translation and suggestions for additional games.

MemoRace Travel is a memory game for learning travel-related words in a simple and fun way. Attractive photos will allow you to quickly associate an English word with its photo. Thick, cardboard boxes work perfectly even with inexperienced, children's hands, and the phonetic notation placed on the graphics makes it easier to learn the correct pronunciation. Have fun and learn in English!

In the TRAVEL package you will find 36 English words:
accommodation, adventure, arrivals, backpack, baggage reclaim, boarding, boarding pass, campsite, caravan, chalet, check in, check out, currency, customs, departures, excursion, flight attendant, guesthouse, guidebook, hand luggage, hostel, internet access , journey, local inhabitants, postcard, reception, ride, roller coaster, souvenirs, suitcase, tent, ticket, tour guide, travel agency, trip, water slide.

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The rules of the game are exclusively on the REGIPIO website:
In this game, we will also need a watch with a stopwatch or other device, thanks to which we will be able to measure time.
At the beginning, we decide how long one round will last (e.g. 2 minutes).
1. Place all the cardboard boxes face down on the table.
2. The first player draws three cards and places them in front of him.
3. We start the countdown. The player must tell us about his vacation. In his/her speech, he/she uses words from randomly drawn cards. If he/she still has time but has run out of the drawn words, another card can be drawn. The action is repeated until the end of the time limit.
4. If the drawn word does not match the story, put the card on the table so that others cannot see what is on it, and choose a different word.
5. The number of cards used is the number of points scored.
6. We continue the game until the cards are exhausted.
7. At the end we count the points and choose the winner.
The combination of visual perception and speech gives a spectacular effect of memorizing and consolidating English words - all while having fun!



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