Learn English faster and with pleasure!

Do you dream of learning English quickly and effectively?

Method REGIPIO is the perfect solution for you!

This modern and attractive method is based on games, communication, and students' favorite English movies and series.


With it:

You will overcome the speaking barrier

You will automate grammatical processes

You will master English at an intermediate level

Method REGIPIO was created under the watchful eye of native speakers, who gave it a natural and modern sound.


It consists of 12 modules containing:

Clear and schematic instructions for teachers

PDFs with theory and exercises for students

Emphasis on speaking in every activity

Tasks on writing, reading, grammar exercises, lots of conversation games

12 fun dialogues with recordings, QR codes, tasks, and role-play games

Tips on how to conduct various activities offline, online, in groups and individually

Lots of humor, beautiful graphics

Work on students' favorite movies and series


When you choose to work with the REGIPIO method, you also get:

By purchasing the product here, you will receive Creative Communication Method (Lesson Plans, Student's Printables, Recordings) in PDF and MP3 format.


The following boxed games are required to implement the method:

Method REGIPIO is an effective and attractive way to learn English.

Try it today and see how quickly and easily you can learn English!