Grammar is a piano I play by ear. All I know about grammar is its power.

Joan Didion



Learning English grammar is often perceived as boring and difficult. However, English grammar is essential for clear communication. Teach English learners grammar with engaging and fun Regipio ESLGame that focus on specific aspects of grammar.


Regipio ESL Grammar Games has unique activities to stimulate all modalities of learning. Games include movement for kinesthetic students. Matching pictures and inscriptions effectively engages visual learners. Auditory learners are happy about the amount of time devoted to speaking during the game.

It has been scientifically proven that dyslexic students learn much better if they are motivated and their lessons contain references and visual aids. REGIPIO language games fulfill all those needs perfectly.


  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Conditional

    A2-C1 Age: 10+ Number of players: 1-10 Buy now three Conditional games at a promotional price. Package included 3 games for learning conditional tenses: I Conditional “what happens if …?”, II Conditional “What would happen if …?, And novelty, III Conditional “What would happen if …?” Contents: 101 cards in 4 language games: ‘Black Peter’, ‘The Chain’, ‘What…?’, ‘Shower of Questions’. Buy package See more

  • Irregular Verbs Puzzle EN

    A2-B1 Age: 9+ Number of players: 1-3 They do not look that but irregular verbs can be easy to remember! Put all the pieces together and you will learn 90 verbs in no time at all. The colours show you the patterns, you see the mechanism, make use of it and easily master the different forms. By doing the puzzle you discover and learn the patterns of irregular verbs and suddenly get in control of them. Contents: 300 pieces of the puzzle with 100 verbs, list of irregular verbs, instructions Buy now Instruction See more

  • Time Machine EN

    A1-B2 Age: 7+ Number of players: 2-4 Are you having fun NOW or just SOMETIMES? Discover the differences between English tenses before you reach the FINISHING LINE. Don’t waste valuable time! Use the keywords which open up the door to fluent English. Time is in your hands! Contents: 60 verb cards, 50 challenge cards, board, dice, 4 pieces, instructions. Buy package See more

  • Verbos irregulares en presente

    A2-B1 Age: 10+ Number of players: 1-7 These Spanish practice games provide an incredible method to revise the usage of the most important irregular verbs in Present Simple indicative sentences. Contents of these Spanish learning games include: 357 puzzles with the variants of the 45 most popular irregular tenses of the present tense, additional play suggestions, instruction. Buy now See more

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