The true art of memory is the art of attention.

Samuel Johnson

Psychological research has shown that problems with concentration do not concern only people with dysfunctions, but they are also a global problem characteristic of many other members of modern society. Technology, moving pictures and information overload make it hard to focus on just one activity for more than several minutes. Traditional ways of remembering things by heart – words, phrases, and numbers do not seem to work anymore.

It was necessary to find an alternative approach in which memory would be stimulated. The idea to create memoRace games which draw on natural brain work (a combination of emotions - amygdala – and memorisation – hippocampus) turned out to be surprisingly effective and a relaxing atmosphere when playing the games makes remembering lexis automatic.

  • Package of MemoRace Game

    A1-A2 Age: 10+ Number of players: 1-10 MemoRace game is one of the best methods to improve concentration and exercise your memory skills. On top of that, MemoRace game has one more crucial benefit: you actually learn English words without noticing it. The game is a lot of fun and helps you memorise new words in a quick and enjoyable way. During the game, players get really absorbed in finding pairs that match and raising their scores. Contents: Package of 8 MemoRace Games (Supermarket, Nature, Animals, Clothes, House, Travel, Jobs and Town) 72 cards with 36 English words each, manual, word list, QR Code, insert with other suggested games. Buy package See more

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