Level A1/B1

Learning through play

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10x ENGLISH FAN PACKAGE English Language Game


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Level A1/B1

Learning through play

Number of Players: -

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"English Fan" is a compact set of 60 strips, constituting a portable compendium of knowledge from the English language. This handy fan includes key grammar rules, verb conjugation, passive voice, useful phrases for daily use, and many other elements! Ideal for both students who want a quick review before an exam and travelers looking for a practical tool for English communication.

Educational Language Benefits:

Portability and Convenience: The fan-shaped set allows for quickly finding the necessary information, whether it's grammar-related or practical phrases.

Universality: The content of the fan covers a wide range of grammar as well as phrases used in various life situations, making it a versatile tool.

Ideal for All Levels: Regardless of proficiency level, "English Fan" offers useful information for everyone, from elementary school students to those seeking a light refresher.

Practical Phrasebook: Included mini phrasebooks facilitate communication in different situations, aiding in gaining confidence in practical language use.

Unique Aspects of the Game:


  • Compact Design: The fan's design allows "English Fan" to fit in any bag or pocket, always at hand for a quick reminder or study.
  • Aesthetic Illustrations: Grammar topics and phrases are presented in a clear and aesthetically pleasing manner, aiding in understanding and memorization.
  • Versatility: The content of the fan covers various proficiency levels, allowing for gradual expansion of language knowledge.
  • Practical Examples: Strips contain realistic examples of grammar and phrases, facilitating understanding of context.


Game Features:


  1. 60 strips in a fan-shaped format: The set includes extensive grammatical information and practical phrases on 60 strips.
  2. Cheat Sheet, Review Script: Additional elements supporting learning and material review.
  3. Travel Phrasebook: Useful phrases for everyday situations, especially during travel.
  4. Aesthetic Packaging: Aesthetic and durable packaging ensuring safe storage of the fan.


What's in the Box?


  • 60 strips in a fan-shaped format
  • Aesthetic packaging


"English Fan" is not just a handy learning tool but also practical support for anyone aiming to effectively use the English language. Enrich your language knowledge in a light, enjoyable, and practical way, ready for application in any situation!