Poziom A1-B2

Learning through play

Number of players: 1-10

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Ask! Don’t stray! English Language Game




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Poziom A1-B2

Learning through play

Number of players: 1-10

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Ask!Don't stray! helps to practise the ability to ask quick questions and to provide instant answers in a variety of situations and ways. The game is versatile and will work well at both lower and higher levels. It "grows" with the learner-the difficulty of the grammar questions increase gradually.

Educational Language Benefits:

Improving reading and listening skills

Proficiency in producing questions using different grammatical structures

Expressing oneself using different tenses

Getting better at describing people, their appearance and characters

Players learn to listen to each other to work out their purpose.

The game provides the opportunity to use a range of grammatical tenses so that their structures are consolidated by the players. In addition, players practise the use of question words and distinguish the structure of 'if' questions from so-called 'wh-questions'.

The need to answer questions forces players to choose and use the right auxiliary verbs at the right time and, at a later stage, helps them to develop fluency in moving between grammatical tenses.

Thanks to the game, participants gain confidence needed for speaking

Unique Aspects of the Game:

The game offers a huge range of possibilities for using the cards for different games and activities.

The game Ask! Don't stray! is incredibly versatile. The players' task is to collect six characters from the same professional group. Each character comes from a different country and the images of the characters, the names correspond to those nationalities.

Cards are acquired during gameplay by skilfully asking questions. In addition to the standard mechanism, the cards from the game can be used in many ways such as a blind date, building sentences and questions in a given grammatical tense and much more.

Game Features:

Contributes to building relationships and cooperation between players

Stimulates speaking up

Has a purpose and mechanics that make grammar seem like a tool to help with gameplay

Universal, works at all levels, also as conversation and grammar cards


What's in the Box?

60 cards with characters and activities

20 cards with categories

10 large cards with names of occupations and activities