Level A1/A2

Learning through play

Number of Players: 2-8

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BAFFLE ME – CAN English Language Game




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Level A1/A2

Learning through play

Number of Players: 2-8

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The most challenging aspect is the hesitation when speaking, the moment of doubt about how to form a question or provide the correct answer. This game will eliminate these doubts and add confidence to English conversations.

The game allows you to have fun with the verb "CAN" while teaching its various meanings. Expressing abilities or asking for permission are significant aspects of everyday conversation, and it's valuable to master this skill.

Players must listen carefully to give the correct answer and compete for victory.

Educational Language Benefits:

Allows you to learn and master the verb "CAN."

Enhances the ability to use personal pronouns.

Teaches the art of asking questions naturally.

Trains for quick, natural responses.

Inside the box, you'll find two games involving the verb "CAN," which definitely help gain confidence in English conversations. 

Unique Aspects of the Game:

The game develops language skills through two different gameplay modes:

BAFFLE ME- where learner's need to answer questions instantly, they lose their strip when the answer is incorrect.

ASK ME - where learners are supposed to build 5 questions to the given answer. They can get rid of their circle only when the other learner answer is like the one written on the circle.

Game Features:

Practical – a small box, convenient for carrying.

Creatively designed – wheels and strips pique interest.

Dynamic – encourages quick responses.


What's in the Box?

40 strips with questions for practicing responses.

48 circles with short answers.

Clear instructions

Our level of fluency in using the English language is typically assessed during natural conversations. If we can easily respond to questions and spontaneously construct them, we can be proud of ourselves. However, if we lack confidence, we can gain that sense by playing the language game Baffle Me.