Level A1/A2

Learning through play

Number of Players: 2-8

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BAFFLE ME KIDS CAN English Language Game




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Level A1/A2

Learning through play

Number of Players: 2-8

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Chcesz wzbogacić konwersacje w języku angielskim z dzieckiem? 

Rozważ „BAFFLE ME Kids – CAN” – idealny sposób na rozwijanie umiejętności językowych dziecka poprzez zabawę!

„BAFFLE ME KIDS – CAN” to atrakcyjna gra edukacyjna, która wprowadza dzieci w świat angielskiego, skupiając się na modalnym czasowniku CAN. Oprócz zabawy, gra pomaga w osiągnięciu biegłości w stosowaniu tego czasownika, tak praktycznego w życiu codziennym.

Educational Language Benefits:

Development of listening skills – children must listen carefully to answer questions often asked by children, e.g., "Can I have ice cream, please?"

Practicing quick responses – frequently used by children in daily life, such as "Yes, I can." or "No, we can’t."

Creative question formation – players' task is to create questions for given answers.

Fluency in using CAN – the game teaches how to use the verb in contexts of ability, skills, or permission.

Unique Aspects of the Game:

The game consists of two fun parts:

BAFFLE ME – students respond immediately to questions, losing their strip if the answer is incorrect.

ASK ME – students create 5 questions for a given answer. You lose your circle when another player's answer matches the one on the circle.

All of this is aimed not only at perfecting the ability to ask questions but also at quickly reacting to the answers..

Game Features:

Child-friendly: easy to use, allowing for independent play.

Engaging: children compete in creating and answering questions.

Unconventional design distinctive colors and shapes.

Themes close to children questions about friends, family, or fairy tale characters.

What's in the file?

40 strips with questions for practicing responses.

48 circles with short answers.

Clear instructions