Level A1/A2

Learning through play

Number of Players: 2-8

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BAFFLE ME KIDS – MIX English Language Game




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Level A1/A2

Learning through play

Number of Players: 2-8

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When having conversations in English, there's no time to think about what tense someone is using to construct questions and how we "must" respond to them. This skill needs to be developed through exercises. Baffle Me is an excellent and enjoyable tool for children to develop their speaking skills and confidence in using the English language in a friendly atmosphere.

Baffle Me Kids MIX Baffle Me Kids MIX is an English game for kids that not only provides entertainment but also serves as an effective tool for improving the ability to spontaneously respond to questions and construct them using structures such as TO BE, Have got, Can, Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, TO BE in the past, Present Perfect, Future Simple.

Educational Language Benefits:

Enhances the understanding of posed questions.

Teaches the connection between questions and answers.

Improves the ability to construct questions in various tenses.

Refines reading skills.

Challenges of constructing questions and short answers in different English tenses using the Baffle Me KIDS – Mix of English Tenses game help develop language skills in a practical, natural, and versatile way, which is essential for effective communication in the English language.

Unique Aspects of the Game:

The game develops language skills through two different gameplay modes:

BAFFLE ME- where learner's need to answer questions instantly, they lose their strip when the answer is incorrect.

ASK ME - where learners are supposed to build 5 questions to the given answer. They can get rid of their circle only when the other learner answer is like the one written on the circle.

Game Features:

Engaging dynamics: The need for quick and precise reactions is crucial for achieving success in the game.

Aesthetic design: Pleasing colors and unique elements, such as beautiful stripes and circles, capture children's attention and evoke positive feelings.

Child-friendly: The questions are related to topics typical for children, making the game accessible and enjoyable for younger players.

What's in the Box?

40 strips with questions for practicing responses.

48 circles with short answers.

Clear instructions

Natural conversation is a key aspect of learning, and our game will allow you to achieve this in an exciting way.