Poziom początkujący A1/A2

Learning through play

Number of Players: 2-8

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BAFFLE ME KIDS TO BE English Language Game




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Poziom początkujący A1/A2

Learning through play

Number of Players: 2-8

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Start from scratch and refine one of the fundamental English verbs, the verb TO BE. You will practically use it in every English conversation. We want BAFFLE ME to make you a master in asking questions and providing quick answers with TO BE.

Although most of us acquire good theoretical knowledge while learning English, sometimes we get lost when spontaneously applying this knowledge in real conversations. The goal of the Baffle Me game is to practice rapid responses to asked questions and spontaneous question construction using the verb TO BE.

Educational Language Benefits:

Develops listening skills.

Teaches the connection between questions and answers.

Improves question-building skills.

Refines the spontaneous use of personal pronouns.

Uważne słuchanie i zrozumienie zadawanego pytania to ważna umiejętność, która doskonalona w przyszłości dodaj pewności i poprawia swobodę mówienia. Rozmowa jest tym bardziej naturalna, im łatwiej jest nam zadawać pytania i odpowiadać na nie. Gra ćwiczy tę swobodę w przyjemny sposób.

Unique Aspects of the Game:


The game develops language skills through two different gameplay modes:

BAFFLE ME- where learner's need to answer questions instantly, they lose their strip when the answer is incorrect.

ASK ME - where learners are supposed to build 5 questions to the given answer. They can get rid of their circle only when the other learner answer is like the one written on the circle.

Game Features:


  1. Engaging dynamics: The need for quick and accurate responses stimulates attentiveness.
  2. Ciekawy projekt: pytania na ładnie zaprojektowanych paskach i odpowiedzi na kółkach wywołują pozytywne emocje
  3. Ideal for playing with friends or family.


What's in the Box?


  • 40 strips with questions for practicing responses.
  • 48 circles with short answers.
  • Clear instructions


Natural conversation is a key aspect of learning, and our game will allow you to achieve this in an exciting way.