Poziom Beginner

Learning through play

Number of players: 1-10

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Guess the Present Tense - an outdoor board for learning English




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Poziom Beginner

Learning through play

Number of players: 1-10

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Gra GUESS THE PRESENT TENSE / ODGADNIJ CZASY TERAŹNIEJSZE pomoże powtórzyć i zapamiętać w jakich sytuacjach używamy czasów Present Simple i Present Continuous. Każdy z tych czasów ma charakterystyczne dla siebie słowa (np.: tomorrow, at the moment, usually) i to dzięki nim łatwiej jest nam identyfikować czas, w którym powinniśmy zbudować zdania.


Przeznaczona dla dzieci w wieku szkolnym.

Plansza plenerowa to idealny sposób na lekcję języka angielskiego w klasie i w plenerze. Trwały, nieprzemakalny materiał, z którego wykonana jest gra wielkoformatowa, doskonale sprawdza się zarówno w pomieszczeniach jak i na szkolnym podwórku.

Educational Language Benefits:

speaking full sentences (questions, affirmative and negative sentences)

learning expressions typical for given grammatical tenses

improving the use of correct tenses and their auxiliary verbs

improving reading and spelling

English speaking combined with movement generates less stress, and when combined with play, learning progresses much faster. Creating different structures in the present tense while playing helps you remember them faster.

Using the Guess the Present Tense outdoor mat, players consolidate words such as "at the moment", "usually", "never", "now" and learn when to use them

Using the correct auxiliary verbs is incredibly important. It is inextricably linked to grammatical tenses and the conscious use of them.

While playing we are simultaneously learning correct English spelling and word reading

Unique Aspects of the Game:

universal in terms of users-will work well in classes not only for children!

helps learn the present tense in practice

thanks to the players being their own pawns it is exciting and engaging

Game Features:

helps to get to grips with the present tense

focuses on making interrogative, affirmative and negative sentences

imitates situations from everyday life

facilitates mastery of speaking skills in English

What's in the Box?

 2.5m x 2.5m board made of banner material for indoor and outdoor use

a 30cm x 30cm x 30cm dice

instructions, with suggestions for tasks at different levels