Level A2/B1

Learning through play

Number of Players: 2-10

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Level A2/B1

Learning through play

Number of Players: 2-10

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The game is perfect for those who need ready-made phrases introduced into conversations to memorize and use them in future English conversations. Repeatedly used subconsciously remain memorized.

HOMENGLISH Holidays is the perfect language game for practicing conversations about vacations in English. Excellent for discussing planned trips and situations that happen to us during holiday escapades. Should we take an umbrella? Do we feel like going for a walk? Where are we going on vacation this year? Such and many other topics provoke conversations and require our reactions.

Educational Language Benefits:

Practicing the ease of using natural reactions

Perfecting the use of language functions

Improving listening and reading skills

Introducing a wide range of vocabulary related to holidays

Unique Aspects of the Game:

On the cards, you will find 100 discussion topics and as many as 500 reactions and ready-made phrases that players choose for conversations. Each time, the conversation unfolds differently, it is unpredictable and unique. Interlocutors decide whether they want to react politely, indifferently, or maliciously. Joker cards will help you get rid of cards faster and win the round. However, you must choose phrases logically to fit the context. Otherwise, you'll miss the chance.

Example conversation topics:

It’s raining again.” “We should take some food to the beach.” „Three suitcases? Are you kidding?” „There is no place to park.” and 96 more...

Example reactions:

„Not today.” It’s a difficult decision.” „Are you crazy?” „It can’be true.” „You don’t know where it is?!” and 495 more.

Game Features:

dynamic - each game is a different, unpredictable discussion

graphically attractive - pastel colors and joker cards make the game more enjoyable

unique in the market - there is no other game improving natural conversations on the market

What's in the Box?

 100 cards

4 jokers