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TRAVEL Set from the START TALKING series




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Learning through play

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Dreaming of fluent communication in English while traveling? The TRAVEL Set from the START TALKING series is the perfect tool for students at the A2/B2 level, making learning to conduct travel conversations conducive to fluid communication. With sample sentences, exercises, and a language game, mastering the vocabulary and phrases useful during travel will become enjoyable and effective!

Educational Language Benefits:

Enhancing communication skills while traveling: The set offers examples of sentences and phrases, as well as exercises transforming direct sentences into polite ones, enabling smooth communication in various travel situations.

Expanding vocabulary: Through exercises and the language game, students can effectively master vocabulary and phrases related to traveling, facilitating communication in English-speaking environments.

Improving information-seeking skills: The hotel search exercise allows students to practice formulating questions and obtaining necessary information.

Effective learning of sentence structures: Flashcards with Polish sentences to be translated into English enable efficient mastery of sentence structures in the context of traveling.

Unique aspects of the set:

The set is in PDF format for self-printing, allowing flexible use of materials anywhere and anytime.

– Gra językowa „Travel” nie tylko uczy, ale również dostarcza rozrywki dzięki atrakcyjnej planszy i różnorodnym zadaniom.

Flashcards with Polish sentences to be translated into English cover a wide range of topics, allowing for comprehensive learning of sentence structures related to traveling.

The instruction manual includes tips for effectively using flashcards, enabling students to learn from the set efficiently.

Detailed content of the set:

Examples of sentences and phrases in categories of direct and polite sentences.

Hotel search exercise and creating questions about it.

– Gra językowa „Travel” z atrakcyjną planszą i z kartami zadań w kategoriach “odpowiedz”, “zapytaj”, “wyjaśnij”

54 translation flashcards from Polish to English.

Instruction manual containing tips for effective flashcard learning.

The TRAVEL Set from the START TALKING series is the key to confident and fluent communication while traveling. Start learning English in the context of travel today!"