Level A1/A2

Learning through play

Number of Players: -

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Basic Verbs - an outdoor game facilitating learning English




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Level A1/A2

Learning through play

Number of Players: -

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The outdoor game board BASIC VERBS, is a simple game for the youngest to learn and consolidate the use of the verbs TO BE, HAVE GOT and CAN in affirmative sentences, negations and questions. Designed for school-age children and early childhood education.

Educational Language Benefits:

learning about verbs

improving reading and spelling

learning to form sentences

speaking English

Children learn English verbs (to be, have got, can) by playing and enjoying the game

There is a label on each picture, so pupils unintentionally learn the spelling and link it to the pronunciation they hear from the teacher

Students learn to create short statements using the other pictures (e.g. sad, sister, cat). At a higher level, they learn verb forms to build sentences (also in past and future tenses for more advanced learners can also be added). 

English speaking combined with movement generates less stress, and when combined with fun, learning progresses much faster.

Unique Aspects of the Game:

universal in terms of users-will work well in classes not only for children!

universal in terms of use-you can adapt the usage idea perfectly to your needs and many times over!

colourful, child-friendly graphics make pupils more willing to play

the movement game engages all the senses while learning English

Game Features:

outdoor game consisting of washable pictures - ideal not only for the classroom, but also for the backyard

develops creativity

facilitates learning the ability to express oneself in English,

teaches cooperation,

promotes perceptual-motor integration (correct interaction and development of visual, auditory-linguistic and motor functions)

What's in the Box?

20 squares 30x30cm with words and expressions that connect naturally with the verbs BE / CAN / HAVE; 4 squares 30x30cm with special tasks (e.g.: turn around 2 times); a set of cards with people an instruction manual with sample games and activities; a handy box to store the set