Learning through play

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Learning through play

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Bingo Ujarzmij Czasowniki Posiłkowe to emocjonująca gra językowa stworzona specjalnie dla uczniów na poziomie B1, mająca na celu rozwijanie płynności i spontaniczności w rozmowie, a także doskonalenie umiejętności korzystania z zwrotów takich jak „Neither … / Nor can I” czy „So can I”. Zabawa w BINGO jest nie tylko efektywną metodą nauki, ale także doskonałą okazją do integracji i współpracy w grupie.

Educational Language Benefits:

Developing language fluency: The game allows for practicing various grammatical structures in an interactive and engaging way.

Improving conversational skills: By responding to randomly selected sentences, students learn to react quickly and conduct fluent conversations.

Reinforcing memorization: By crossing out answers on the game cards, students reinforce new language structures.

Element of competition and fun: Playing BINGO, students experience the excitement of competition, which further motivates them to actively participate in the activities.

Unique aspects of the set:

30 original game cards: Each card has a different layout of answers, ensuring diverse and interesting gameplay for all participants.

Possibility of multiple plays: The set includes many game cards, and the task strips can be shuffled, allowing for multiple uses of the set without worrying about repetition.

Detailed content of the set:

30 original game cards with various configurations of phrases in the fields.

Task strips: Set of task strips for drawing by the game leader.

Instruction manual

Bingo Master Auxiliary Verbs is not only an effective learning method but also great fun, making learning English even more exciting and enjoyable!