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Creative Communication Method – zestaw: książka nauczyciela, ćwiczenia do nauki języka angielskiego



Is it possible to achieve fluency in English communication in a significantly shorter time? Yes! The Regipio Method is a revolutionary approach to language learning based on fun, communication, and modern teaching methods. Thanks to it, students will not only master the basics of grammar but also develop the ability to communicate fluently from the first day of learning.

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Lessons with the REGIPIO METHOD are primarily about fun in English language based on communication, language games, and students' favorite movies and TV series! The REGIPIO Method has emerged from years of observation of students, analysis, and collaboration with language teachers and methodologists. The scope of material contained within allows for a comprehensive introduction of the student to the topics necessary for mastering the language at the beginner level. This method is an excellent solution for teachers who derive great satisfaction from the effective progress of their students.

Unique aspects:

   Practicality: The Regipio Method consists of 12 modules that contain clear instructions for teachers, materials for students, and many practical tips for conducting classes.

   Adaptability: The set of materials is flexible and can be used both in-person and online, and adapted to different levels of student advancement.

   Support: By purchasing the product, you receive not only learning materials but also unlimited support and discounts on other Regipio materials.

   – Różnorodność gier: Do realizacji Metody Regipio niezbędne są różnorodne gry, które pomagają w utrwalaniu materiału i sprawiają, że nauka jest jeszcze bardziej atrakcyjna–można je dokupić.

Set contents:

   12 modules with instructions for teachers and materials for students in PDF and MP3 format.

   Unlimited support and discounts on other Regipio materials.

By deciding to work with the Creative Communication Method, you also receive:

- Unlimited support (if you have any doubts, write to us at
A non-expiring 40% discount on all REGIPIO online materials
– przygotowaną (pod metodę) listę gier (gry do zakupu) pomocnych o każdej porze roku szkolnego i na wiele poziomów, nie tylko przy pracy z metodą!
25% discount on REGIPIO games not included in the method set
10% discount on outdoor REGIPIO boards

To WORK WITH THE METHOD, the following boxed games are necessary:

1. 'Baffle Me' Series (except for Present Perfect)

2. 'Ask! Don’t Stray!'

3. ‘MemoRace’ games (animals, clothes, house, nature, town)

4. ‘Beat About the Bush’-wersja cyfrowa w formacie pdf

5. ‘Time Machine – Travel between Present Simple and Present Continuous’

6. ‘Let’s Eat in English’

7. ‘HomEnglish’ SPORT&FREE TIME

8. Puzzle Irregular Verbs

With the Regipio Method, learning English becomes not only effective but also enjoyable and inspiring. Discover how quickly and easily you can achieve fluency in communication with this innovative method.

Creative Communication Method – zestaw: książka nauczyciela, ćwiczenia do nauki języka angielskiego – REGIPIO – Gry językowe

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