Level B1

Learning through play

Number of Players: 2-8

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Level B1

Learning through play

Number of Players: 2-8

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The game "Reported Champion" offers comprehensive learning of reported speech, enabling mastery in applying this concept. Through narrating spicy gossip, crazy stories, and extravagant boasts of other players, participants refine their skills in various tenses and with the use of modal verbs.

Educational Language Benefits:

Opportunity for engaging time review: The game helps solidify the rules of creating reported speech in tenses such as Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, Future Simple, Future Continuous, Mixed tenses, and modal verbs like may, can, must, should.

Fluency in conversation: Students transform several sentences into reported speech, allowing them to structure statements based on a cause-and-effect sequence.

Mastery in building questions, negations, and declarative sentences: Students must create sentences in a specific tense using verbs provided in parentheses before transforming the statement into reported speech. This allows for practicing the construction of different types of sentences.

Learning reported speech in context: By transforming statements like spicy gossip about movie stars, students better memorize the rules of creating reported speech.

Unique Aspects of the Game:

By placing sentences to create and transform in interesting situational categories such as "crazy gossips" or "creepy stories," the student practices new structures in context, allowing for better memorization of whole, complete phrases.

Game Features:

Comprehensive Education: The game offers interactive education by narrating various situations using reported speech, enabling effective training in its application.

Diversification of Learning: Double-sided cards not only contain tasks but also sets of answers, allowing for various forms of exercises, such as independent study, working in pairs, or playing with family and friends.

Element of Competition: Games from the SCORE NO MORE series introduce an element of competition, requiring players to demonstrate tactical skills and good memory. Collecting cards with the fewest points leads to victory.

Fantastic Atmosphere: During gameplay, you not only enhance language skills but also build relationships and have a great time.


What's in the Box?

      50 educational cards with double-sided tasks and sets of answers.

      Clear instructions

"Reported Champion" is not just an educational game but also an excellent way to effectively learn reported speech. Fun, elements of competition, and diverse forms of exercises make learning not only efficient but also enjoyable and engaging.