Level A2/B1

Learning through play

Number of Players: 1-7

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Verbos Irregulares en Presente-puzzle for learning Spanish




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Level A2/B1

Learning through play

Number of Players: 1-7

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IRREGULAR VERBS is a puzzle for people of all ages learning Spanish irregular verb forms of the three conjugations (-ar, -er, -ir) in the present indicative tense.

The game includes 45 of the most commonly used irregular verbs with different types of irregularity divided into three groups. 

The puzzle is perfect for group play, self-study at home or individual lessons with a teacher.

Educational Language Benefits:

learning about verbs and their meanings

learning the conjugation of 45 irregular verbs

learning to read and spell in Spanish

learning how to use verbs in context.

Puzzles support the process of learning and memorising infinitive verb forms, and also motivate us to learn the equivalents in our mother tongue,

By solving the puzzle, we are able to learn the conjugation of 45 irregular verbs from three groups (-ar, -er, -ir), noting the differences and similarities between them.

The need to choose the right form among many similar ones develops visual perception, but also contributes to the learning of spelling and, consequently, reading.

The manual includes suggested tasks that can be used to start using verbs in context.

Unique Aspects of the Game:

The puzzles in each conjugation have been marked with a different colour suggesting the variety pattern to the player. By putting together puzzles with verbs from one or more conjugations, players combine visual perception and logical thinking to memorise different types of irregularity in a practical way, e.g. the verb PODER: PODER:

yo – puedo

tú – puedes

él/ella/usted – puede

nosotros – podemos

vosotros – podéis

ellos/ellas/ustedes – pueden

Game Features:

The puzzles can be used in class and also independently at home

You don't have to put all the puzzles together at once-you can divide them into batches. The class teacher can separate the puzzles to work in groups.

The colourful and eye-friendly design makes the learning process more attractive and quicker

In addition to language, concentration, visual perception and logical thinking are also exercised

Puzzles include additional suggestions for their use

What's in the Box?

357 jigsaw puzzles with variations of 45 of the most popular irregular verbs of the present tense, suggestions for additional games, instructions.

a handy box to store the set