Q&A Australia

Level: A2 - B1

Age: 10+

Number of players: 2-8

CONTENTS: 50 cards with questions and role-play tasks, instructions

Didactic cards in English Quiz & Act is a cultural quiz that will introduce you to the culture of Australia and boost your knowledge about the most remarkable facts of this fascinating, distant country. An excellent opportunity to read, listen and speak English. With three answers to choose from, we make it easier for you. However, when a mistake happens, the fun is just beginning. You will find unusual tasks to perform "as a punishment" on the cards. Some of them will make the rest of the culture quiz participants laugh, that's for sure. The Quiz&Act is a fantastic proposition for the whole family and those who want to consolidate their general knowledge about Australia by speaking English.

The package contains 50 didactic cards with questions about Australia from four thematic categories: HOLIDAYS, POLITICS & HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY and SPORT.

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