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  Teaching English at the preschool level is a big challenge.Children aged 3 to 6 are a specific group. Introducing new words and repeating words already known cannot always be done in the same way. If you use memory games, do so only once or...
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  One of the most difficult challenges a foreign language teacher faces is motivatingn learners to speak. Games and toys are a great way to provoke learners to speak spontaneously and build sentences creatively. The desire to compete and the...
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Have you ever experienced the moment you came across a leaflet or brochure and you did not get what was written on it, even though you have been learning English for a couple of years?This is what your students might feel when they travel abroad.We...
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New semester has started at British School Wawer, the language school where I teach, and I met my new students. I teach teenagers and adults of all levels, including exam preparation groups. The first thing I want to do at the start of a new...
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When we get down to the grammar of the Spanish language, we usually start by learning the three basic groups of verb conjugations. The endings of regular verbs can be mastered quite quickly, but we need to devote some more time to memorising forms...

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