If you're here with us, we assume you adore language games as much as we do. We also hope that you like using alternative ways of playing Regipio games. Have a look at our suggestions as for how to employ TIME MACHINE verb cards in a different manner. Enjoy!

The number of players: 2-10

The level: A2-B1

The language objectives: to build sentences, learn new verbs, practise reacting and speaking spontaneously

The game objective is to get rid of the cards you have in your hands.

We need:

The verb cards from one of the Time Machine Games:


Category cards: 

You can download some useful handouts in a pdf file below:

Category cards

  1. Shuffle the verb cards and deal them – 5 to each player.
  2. The remaining cards should be placed on the table face down so that everybody can reach them.
  3. The cards with categories are placed in the middle of the table (also face down).
  4. One of the students randomly takes one card and turns it over.
  5. Each student looks at his/her cards and finds the card that matches the category in the best way.
  6. Students put their cards in turn but ATTENTION! Everyone needs to say a sentence with the verb he/she wants to put on the table to prove it matches the category.

 An example:

The category is: 

The activity that we can do in our free time…

Someone puts the card COOK and says:

  • We can cook in our free time.

If the player doesn’t have a card that matches the category, he/she needs to take one from the pile and, if it matches, he/she needs to put it on the pile on the table saying the sentence.

If it still doesn’t match, he/she can’t get rid of his/her card and it’s the next person’s turn.

The winner of the game is the player who gets rid of his/her cards.

Note: You may change the given categories to hone other grammar constructions such as Conditionals: e.g. The things that a doctor would do if he saw an accident. Have fun!


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