ASK! DON’T STRAY is a set of games that are found at Regipio Language Games. The main objective of this set of language learning games is to allow students ask questions in English using various grammatical structures.

Author: Donjetë Latifaj

Age: Teenage/ adults 

Level: A2+

Timing: 40 minutes

Number of students: 20 (or even more)

Topic: Wh- questions

Handouts/ materials used:

Small cards of ASK! DON’T STRAY picking only 5 professions for the entire lesson;

A blank sheet of paper, a pen, number stickers.


Step 1 (5 minutes):

Split the class into 4 groups of 5 students. Make sure you give each student a card having a specific profession.

Step 2: (10 minutes)

Allow the students to ask wh-questions based on the cards they have by writing them down.

Step 3: (5 minutes)

After the students have finished their questions, they can have a peer feedback on their groups, to see if they have formed the questions well.

*As they write the questions on their papers, the teacher has to write the names of the students on a paper corresponding to their job they have based on the cards.

Step 4: (20 minutes)

A round table of professionals

Ask students to form a big circle with them facing the walls; tables pushed to the walls and just the chairs in a circle. Give each student a number (from 1-20, depending on the number of students you have in a classroom) without the others noticing who has which number. The teacher invites one number like: number 10. Number 10 has to introduce him/herself based on the card he/she has. Afterwards, number 10 calls another number and starts asking at least 5 wh-questions to number 19 (for example). Remember each student asks and answers questions based on the cards they have in their hands. You may either choose only one category such as (Everyday Activities) or even including the all categories to make it even more interesting.

Students are suggested not to tell their job, since students have to guess whose job is for example ‘a teacher’ and finally, the first group who finds out who belongs


Ask! don't stray!

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About Ask! Don't Stray!

Questioning is the key to knowledge and people’s hearts, however sometimes it’s so hard to find a right and proper question, particularly for English learners. Want to ask questions in English out of a hat? No more doubts and hesitation how to start? The game ASK don’t STRAY is a great play with asking and answering in a race for a prize! Your aim: picking up a collection of your characters. The game for friends, family or students


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