Level: A2-B1

Age: 7+

Number of players: 2-6

Items: 1 map, 6 counters-figures + 6 holders, 60 flags + 10 holders, 100 cards, 1 dice, 1 guidebook, instructions.

English learners acquire new words and practice their English as they travel through downtown London in this delightful game. ESL students visit museum, historical places and see over 20 sites of the city as they follow the map. Asking directions, reading schedules and negotiating travel arrangement make this game a realistic adventure in learning travel English.

This speaking game pinpoints all the popular expressions you need to know as a tourist. You practice them while playing the game and later feel secure in real–life situations.

This strategic board game can be played with friends or family. Not only will you learn all the useful expressions but will also become familiar with the most interesting tourist attractions in London.

Be the first to put your flag up next to the ten attractions!

Game travel with english

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