Level A1/A2

Learning through play

Number of Players: 2-8

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Level A1/A2

Learning through play

Number of Players: 2-8

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The Present Perfect tense may seem difficult for children, but only when learned in an unnatural way. The game suggests introducing it through engaging questions that divert attention from the structure, all while making friends with its sound and melody.

BAFFLE ME KIDS – Present Perfect proves that learning can be both engaging and effective. It allows for repeated practice of sentences, something we don't often get in language classes. Harness the game's potential and become a master of using the Present Perfect tense in questions and short answers. 

Educational Language Benefits:

Stimulates attentive listening in English.

Teaches asking questions in the Present Perfect tense.

Practices natural responses using pronouns.

Improves reading skills.

The game's multiple language benefits make it a valuable and effective way to enhance the correctness of using the Present Perfect tense, from short answers to question formation. All the essential language skills are practiced in this game: reading, listening, and speaking.

Unique Aspects of the Game:

The game develops language skills through two different gameplay modes:

BAFFLE ME- where learner's need to answer questions instantly, they lose their strip when the answer is incorrect.

ASK ME - where learners are supposed to build 5 questions to the given answer. They can get rid of their circle only when the other learner answer is like the one written on the circle.

Game Features:

Angażująca – wywołuje rywalizację i dążenie do wygranej

Wygodna do zabrania na wyjazd – małe, zgrabne  i pięknie zaprojektowane pudełko zachęca do zabawy 

Przyjazna dzieciom – zawiera pytania o tematyce interesującej dla małych graczy

What's in the file?

40 strips with questions for practicing responses.

48 circles with short answers.

Clear instructions

Mastering the Present Perfect tense will elevate your English language proficiency to a higher level! 😊