Welcome to some useful revision ideas one can play with an online REGIPIO dice. Let us introduce you to fun games to revise grammar, vocabulary and improve communication skills substantively. They are suitable for both smaller and larger groups.



THE LANGUAGE OBJECTIVES: to learn and revise the words and expressions students will need while travelling to English-speaking countries, get fluent in speaking

THE GAME OBJECTIVE: to get the highest number of points

Print and cut out the downloadable content. If possible, laminate it for longer use.

You can download some useful handouts in a pdf file below:


Print and cut out the downloadable content. If possible, laminate it for more prolonged use.



·        The number on the dice is the number of points a player can get in each turn.

·        The colour on the dice indicates which player gets the points.

·        Place the big category cards in the centre of the table, face up.

·        Shuffle the sentence cards and put them on the table, face down. 

·        Each player, in turn, draws one sentence card. He/she completes the missing word and reads the sentence aloud.

·        If the task is done correctly, the player rolls the virtual dice  (click the button  ) to see who gets the points in that turn.

* If a player rolls blue or orange when nobody has points yet or two players have an equal number of points, he/she rolls again.

·        The player indicated by the dice needs to react to the sentence. (e.g.: A: “Excuse me. How do I get to the bus station?” B: “Go along Market Street and turn left.”)

·        We may also ask the rest of the players to match the sentence to the appropriate category (at the hotel, at the train station etc.)

·        The game ends when all the sentence cards have been completed.



The player with the highest number of points is the winner.

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