Level B1/C1

Learning through play

Number of players: 2+

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Level B1/C1

Learning through play

Number of players: 2+

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Do you want to improve your business English skills in context? The Business English Beat About the Bush game, also called BAB in Business, is not only effective, but also great fun. The game contains 1,600 business concepts on 200 cards, covering topics such as: HR, marketing, sales, people management, advertising, travel, stress at work, integration, conflicts, planning, products and many others. Do you want to win every negotiation? Sell ​​more? You just need to learn how to say it without directly saying it - in English!

Educational Language Benefits:

helps to use business vocabulary comfortably and effortlessly

provides a big dose of new words, phrases and idioms

teaches how to apply issues related to business in context

Stimulates attentive listening.

Unique Aspects of the Game:

The cards are divided into two levels: basic (navy blue cards) and intermediate (white cards). One player describes the word on the card so that the other players can guess it within 2 minutes. Depending on the level of advancement, the game can be carried out in two ways:

- the describer must not use forbidden words;
- the describer can use forbidden words to make the task of a person guessing the password a bit easier


Game Features:

exciting - due to the players' involvement in gaining points by describing words for others to guess, the game creates an opportunity for exciting competition
practical - a small, convenient package that you can put into your purse or backpack and take with you everywhere!
engaging - the game is perfect for practicing speaking, perfect as a warm-up before classes


What's in the Box?

200 cards with words at two levels: basic and intermediate One and two point tokens.