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If you talk to a man in the language he understands, it goes to his head. If you talk to a man in his own language, it goes to his heart.

Nelson Mandela

One of the most essential aims of learning a English as a Second language is the ability to communicate in everyday situations, such as traveling, working and doing business. Speaking English fluently does not come easily. However, it can only be achieved with practice, simply by conversing.

The easiest way to activate English language speech in a classroom is by providing ESL students with the opportunity to speak and listen frequently. These Regipio Speaking Games produce spontaneous speech in even the shyest students. English learners practice talking and laughing as they play the game and interact with each other.

  • Ask! Don't Stray! EN

    Ask! Don't stray!

    Age: 4+

    Number of players: 1-10

    Questioning is the key to knowledge and people’s hearts however sometimes it’s so hard to find a right and proper question, particularly for English learners. Want to ask questions in English out of a hat?

    Contents: 60 cards with characters and activities, 20 cards with the categories in which we ask questions, 10 large cards, instructions

  • Beat About the Bush

    Beat about the bush

    Age: 7+

    Number of players: 2-10

    Beat About the Bush - Develop English learners’ speaking skills and expand their vocabulary with this hilarious game. ESL students take turns describing an object in such a way that a partner can guess the answer.  Be careful! Forbidden key words are not allowed. This game will challenge students to use unique vocabulary to reach their goal! You must simply know how to say it, without saying it – in ENGLISH!

    Items: 200 cards, 100 tokens, instructions

  • Beat About the Bush in Business

    Beat about the bush in businesse

    Age: 16+

    Number of players: 2-10

    Learn to talk in English about business while avoiding taboo topics. Choose suitable words and surprise your opponent! Do you want to win each negotiation? Sell more? You must simply know how to say it without saying it – in ENGLISH!

    Items: 200 cards, 100 tokens, instructions.

  • Let’s eat in English – Your SUPERCODE

    lets eat in english

    Age: 4+

    Number of players: 1-6

    As English learners play "Let’s Eat" they will learn 250 useful words for preparing, ordering and eating food. Different scenarios give ESL students practice following a recipe, making a shopping list, and ordering from menus.

    Contents: more than 250 cards with names of food items and kitchen equipment, cards with names of food categories, cardboard plates, Menu, Mind Map/Menu, Game instructions with scenarios.

  • Quiz & act

    Quiz & Act

    Age: 7+

    Number of players: 2-8

    Face up to the challenge! Learn more about English-speaking countries and have fun regardless of your age. The aim of this game is to achieve the highest number of points.

    Contents: 50 cards type of CHALLENGE

  • Travel with English


    Age: 7+

    Number of players: 2-6

    English learners acquire new words and practice their English as they travel through downtown London in this delightful game. ESL students visit museum, historical places and see over 20 sites of the city as they follow the map. Asking directions, reading schedules and negotiating travel arrangement make this game a realistic adventure in learning travel English.

    Items: 1 map, 6 counters-figures + 6 holders, 60 flags + 10 holders, 100 cards, 1 dice, 1 guidebook, instructions.

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